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If you are coming to our service, please sign up to bring something!

Please put one name (whoever we should contact if we need to change what you are bringing) under "Contact Name" next to the item you will bring. Under "Count" please enter the approximate number of people who will be coming to the service so we know how much food to bring. Please use the "Comments" column to specify what you are bringing if you put your name next to "Other".

To sign up for Torah Reading, click here.

Kashrut Expectations: Please only bring pareve or dairy food. If your kitchen is kosher, you may bring cooked dairy food. If your kitchen is not kosher, please bring cold dairy, packaged hekshered (with a kosher label) food, or food from Maleks, Brownsteins, Sabra Grill, Geula's. We will have a separate table for hekshered items.

Wine and Grape Juice: Bringing grape juice for kiddush is among the kindest things you can do to enhance the beauty and the sanctity of the Sabbath. Please bring only Certified Kosher Grape Juice (e.g., Kedem)