Survey Results and meeting minutes

Post date: May 22, 2013 8:30:01 PM


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We received 30 responses from our first community survey. Thank you to everyone who participated! Here is a summary of the results:

In general people like the schedule of two Friday and two Saturday services per month

People want to add a service on the 5th Friday of the month

People are interested in Torah Study in a different time/format

There is a desire to continue to do programs with Naz students and faculty

Members like when there is a drash or sermon

Most participants will be coming again to High Holiday Services

Members would like some type of kids or teen programming

Many people would like to participate in a charity project

Some people are interested in a Shiva Chevrah group, but they don't know how to do it

There were also some lovely supportive comments about Ohel and the community. The experience left us pleased with the input and eager to act on some of the results. As a result of the information and suggestions, we are establishing five committees

1-Kids/teens programs (3)

2-Tzedakah Projects (1)

3-Shiva Chevrah (3)

4-Torah Study (3)

5-Shabbaton/retreat (this committee is already full)

We still have several seats on 4 of the 5 committees. The number of members is listed next to the name. Please feel free to email Shelli at: to join a committee or to share thoughts or offer help in any way.

Additional Topics:

We will be adding some speakers with study sessions after Saturday morning services from time to time after the High Holidays.

To send donations to Ohel, please visit the website : HERE . Click on the donations tab to the left for information about using paypal or sending a check. A thank-you card will be mailed to all of our generous donors.

We will be planning a retreat over a Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday night) with song, study, food, and fun. Keep a look out on the website and for emails.

Our next board meeting will be June 23rd at 4pm at Crossroads coffee house

Our Community Picnic will be July 28th at the JCC pavilion-more details to come!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey and the meeting and to all of you who were with us in spirit!