Resource Center

We are a small community without a building or permanent space. Therefore, we ask members to buy books for their own family. We will have a limited number of books for newcomers on hand.

Where to buy books:

Our prayer book is Sim Shalom Shabbat and Festival Prayer Book, which can be found at the United Synagogue website at

High Holiday Mahzorim:

Mahzor Lev Shalem is available at

For Torah and Haftorah readings we use Etz Hayim, which can be found at the Jewish Publication Society

If you would like to learn Torah trope, please click here.

Transliterated Books:

Some of our community members would like to use books that have both Hebrew and Transliteration. Siddur Eit Ratzon by Joseph G. Rosenstein is such a book for Shabbat mornings. Their web site is:

For Friday night, Siddur Chaverim Kol Israel has both Hebrew and Transliteration as well as some lovely poetry. It is a Friday night only book. You can find it at KTAV publishing:

There may be others available that work just as well, but these two are nice choices.

Additional Resources:

National Havurah movement website has information about havurot and minyanim.

Annually every summer the National Havurah Committee runs a retreat. You can find information about it on the above web site. We will also post information about it when it comes around each year on the announcements page.

There are many places to look for commentary on the portion of the week (parshat hashavuah). Please note that there are many interpretations from different points of view, some are more orthodox and some are more liberal. Here are just a few: